specialized services

Our specialized services, known as FACT, help young people who are dually diagnosed with mental illness / severe emotional disorders and underlying developmental disabilities such as autism or intellectual disabilities. Services at our day treatment and group homes include individual and group psychotherapy, psycho-educational groups, recreational therapy or family therapy.

juvenile justice

Children and teens come to us as repeat juvenile offenders with histories of neglect, trauma, substance abuse, mental illness, gang involvement, school suspensions, and family discord. They know what they see around them, and they rarely see a future beyond that.

Our goal is to help them imagine and achieve a better life. We teach them to respect authority and rules, manage impulses, and set goals. We help them finish school and get jobs. By preventing youth from going deeper into the corrections system, we are able to protect our communities, steward state resources, and save lives otherwise lost to incarceration or dependency.

family preservation

By the time they reach our family preservation team, parents are in crisis. They may be struggling with addiction, mental illness, employment, or housing problems. They’re at risk of losing their children to foster care – or they have, already.

We want to keep families together whenever possible.

Our first priority is the well-being of children. Our specialists work one-on-one with families to teach the skills they need to keep children safely in their homes. We equip struggling parents to manage setbacks and solve problems. When homes stabilize, children are less likely to repeat their parents’ missteps in adulthood. The cycle is broken.

foster care & adoption

Children come into foster care with histories of neglect, trauma, or abuse. Some have been separated from siblings; others have been moved from home to home. Our foster parents are trained to provide kindness, compassion, and special care with the goal of helping children transition into permanent homes.