A 13-year-old boy left our care recently. Devon had lived in one of our group homes for court-involved kids, and he had done everything required of him to get back to his family. He was doing better in school and showing us he could make good decisions.

Most days this is a happy occasion. But as we got Devon settled back at home, we could see that his family had no groceries in the refrigerator, no cleaning supplies under the sink. In less than a minute, he was out of our care and right back where he started – no food, no sanitizer or wipes, no hope.

Right now COVID-19 has us all feeling like we’re living day to day. We don’t know what will happen next. Uncertainty is our new normal, and it’s uncomfortable.

So imagine what it’s like for families like Devon’s, whose life was already uncomfortable. This heightened climate of uncertainty is devastating for those already struggling with economic hardship, mental illness, or poor coping skills. Under these circumstances, home might not be the safest place for their children.

Now more than ever we need your help >>

Your past support has been a blessing to children in crisis, and because of your gifts Devon’s family now have the groceries and supplies they need.

Our staff is working around the clock – showing up in the face of the unknown, caring for our children and families, making calls and deliveries. They are a lifeline to some in our community who have no one else.

You have been their champion; thank you. With God’s help and your continued support, we will provide shelter and care during this challenging time.