FAQ for birth parents

What does adoption mean?

When a child is adopted, that child moves permanently from one family to another family. In the process, all parental rights are legally transferred to the new parents. This means adoptive parents have the same rights and responsibilities as parents whose children were born to them. It is also a way to provide your child with love, stability and support. Adoption does not mean “giving away” your baby. It is you making a selfless decision to give your child the life you want for him or her. It is a wonderful gift for your child and for a waiting parent or couple that is ready to build a family.

Is it the right decision for me?

Making a decision to parent your child or to making a choice for a plan of adoption is a hefty one indeed. You need to know you have options no matter what you decide to do. If you choose to make a plan of adoption for your baby you will have many choices. This is your baby and your adoption plan to create, including picking the family, deciding who you want at the hospital, and what kind of contact you want after placement.

What if I change my mind after my baby is born?

Even after months of certainty and preparing, once your baby is born, you might change your mind. In North Carolina the law allows seven days to revoke your decision.

How do I know my baby will be well cared for?

There are standards that every adoptive family must meet which are set by both the Methodist Home for Children and the State of North Carolina. Families are thoroughly assessed before being approved for adoption and a counselor will make visits to the adoptive family after placement to ensure your child’s well-being. Adoptive parents have chosen to assume the responsibilities of parenthood and have shown they are ready to do so. They are ready to love your child and provide the type of family you want your child to have.

What kind of support will I receive?

Making a plan for adoption is a difficult decision, whether it is a planned or unintended pregnancy. Our staff at Methodist Home for Children will ensure you have support, an understanding of the adoption process, and information to make informed decisions and find comfort in your decision. Adoption agencies are staffed with ethical, knowledgeable professionals who bring expertise to adoption counseling and support. Agencies offer free support services and counseling to you before, during, and after an adoption decision is made.

Can I see my baby at the hospital?

You can see your baby after delivery, hold your baby, name the baby, and spend as much time with the baby at the hospital as you choose. Or, you may choose to not see the baby or spend any time with him or her if you feel this is best for you. The choice is completely yours and your adoption counselor will explore with you all of your options about what happens at the hospital.

When do I sign the adoption papers?

The adoption counselor will meet with you at the hospital as soon as you are ready after the baby has been born to complete the relinquishment paperwork.

Can I write a letter to my child?

A letter is something that could be beneficial to your child. It is a way to let your child know what you were feeling during your pregnancy and the reason you make a plan of adoption. This is something that adoptive families treasure having from you for the child.

What are the different types of adoption?

Confidential Adoption: You will not exchange any identifying information with the adoptive family and you will not have any on-going contact after the placement.

Semi-open adoption: You will share first names only with the adoptive family and receive photos and updates over time that are mailed to the agency and then forwarded to your mailing address. With semi-open adoption, you have the choice of choosing the adoptive family from profiles and meeting them prior to your delivery with your adoption counselor present.

Open Adoption: With an open adoption, you will be sharing more information with one another after the baby is born. You and the adoptive family you have chosen will communicate directly afterwards with one another on mutually agreed upon terms.

What about the father?

There are frequently questions about the father’s rights. Each situation is unique. Our trained staff can answer questions and help you understand and properly address the legal rights of your child’s father.

How will I feel after I place my child for adoption?

Experiences and emotions vary from parent to parent, but placing a child for adoption is never an easy decision for anyone. These emotions can vary from grief, loss, and sadness in placing your child for adoption to joy, contentment, and happiness at seeing your child with their adoptive family.

Do I have to be Methodist to contact Methodist Home for Children?

No, at the Methodist Home for Children we work with individuals from various ages, religions, and ethnic groups.

If I am undecided about adoption can I still contact Methodist Home for Children?

Methodist Home for Children is here to offer you support you every step of the way. You do not need to worry that you will be pressured to choose adoption. Our staff are committed to helping you figure out what is right for you and giving you the support you need to make the decision that is right for you.

How do I find out more?

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