As a monthly giver, you make good things happen for children. You are part of GroupUP – a community that cares and takes action. Together, you lift up children like Messiah.
Monthly giving – It’s effective
  • Your gift goes to work for children immediately. The collective power of steady, reliable support allows us to meet long-term needs and respond to emergencies.
It’s easy
  • Choose a monthly amount online or download this form; we will automatically bill your credit card or draft your checking account.
  • In January we will send you a year-end statement of your gifts for tax purposes.
It’s secure
  • Your account information is securely stored through SafeSave Payment Services.
  • You can stop your gifts at any time –

monthly gifts add up!

$5 / mo = grocery card for a family struggling with homelessness

$10 / mo = college tours for teenagers who want a better life

$25 / mo = week of summer camp for a child in foster care

$50 / mo = tutoring for a middle school student in foster care

$75 / mo = bimonthly speech therapy for a preschooler

$100 / mo = apartment furnishings for a teen living on her own