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Meet our 2019 Guardian Angels
Robert and Barbara Marley

For more than 17 years – every year – the Marleys have found ways to give their time and their resources to the children in our care.

Barbara serves on the volunteer committee that plans A Winter’s Tale gala. She’s done it for seven years straight – and she is a force behind the scenes. She cares deeply for the children we serve and she works for them, especially on the task of soliciting the auction items that our guests bid on every year. She loves this cause so much, in fact, that she solicits her own mother for auction donations and she brings her mom along to the event.

Barbara and Robert are parents of two adult children. They are members of First United Methodist Church in Cary and wonderful ambassadors for Methodist Home for Children.

Richard and Belinda Morrison

Dick and Belinda have a great love story behind their partnership:

In this story, Dick is 21 years old. He’s fresh out of the Navy after enlisting at the end of the Korean War at age 17. He is in Texas to start his college studies, and his mother comes down from Iowa to help him settle in. While she’s there, Dick takes his mother to a university mixer –

They’re at the mixer – listening to music, looking around – and Dick points out three young women. He tells his mother that he is going to dance with all of them. As it turns out, Belinda is the first one he asks – and he never gets to the other two.

Six weeks later, Dick and Belinda are married – and they are partners still today. Sixty-two years later. In that time, Belinda supported Dick through his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees, and then through his 30-year career with Eli Lilly as they lived in eight different countries and she managed their family of four children. After that, Belinda partnered with Dick in his second career as a professor at UNC-Wilmington.

We are grateful that they are partners also in their support of Methodist Home for Children. For more than 14 years, they’ve made gifts to our annual fund, A Winter’s Tale, Epicurean Evening, and the Barbara H. Curtis Center in Raleigh. Dick joined our Board of Directors in 2013 and has served on the board’s Executive Committee for the past few years.

Dick and Belinda live in Wilmington and are members of Wrightsville United Methodist Church.

Winstead United Methodist Church

Methodist Home for Children has a special connection with Winstead United Methodist Church in Wilson. For one thing, the chapel from the original Methodist Orphanage campus stands today on the church grounds, two counties away from where it was first built. For decades, Monk’s Chapel was where children at Methodist Orphanage attended Sunday services, and it’s where many of them returned to be married. But the chapel was deconstructed in the early 1980s as the campus about to be sold – and reconstructed at Winstead United Methodist, board by board, piece by piece, pew by pew.

That painstaking project was overseen by our former board member and master craftsman Fred Hight – who is also chief volunteer at Winstead. And it was Fred who planted the seeds years ago for the church’s chili cook-off and peanut sales. The proceeds of these fundraisers have been donated each year to Methodist Home for Children, and the cumulative record of giving makes Winstead United Methodist Church one of our Guardian Angels for 2019 – proving once again that a congregation does not have to be large to be powerful.

Longtime member Fred Hight and Rev. George Loveland accepted the Guardian Angel on behalf of Winstead United Methodist Church.

Hill, Chesson & Woody – a Gallagher Company

Specializing in employee benefits-related products, programs, and services, Hill, Chesson & Woody has helped Methodist Home for Children more than 10 years to keep its benefits costs low, advocating for affordable health care and services so that every dollar possible can be invested in direct care for children. HCW employees look after the well-being of our employees – and, in doing so, they have become an extension of our Methodist Home for Children family.

Beyond that, Hill, Chesson & Woody encourages its employees through Giving from the Heart to support local nonprofits – and Methodist Home for Children is one of them. The company has stepped forward to give generously and has been a sponsor of A Winter’s Tale since 2007.

Area Vice President Rob Krieg accepted the award, along with Area Senior Vice President Carol Wagoner, for Chesson & Woody – a Gallagher company.