Independence. It’s that step into freedom we can’t wait for as kids. The chance to stand on our own – to be our own person. So when it happens, it’s a big reason to celebrate.

But here’s the problem: Independence comes hard for many of our teens.

They struggle for the education, the job, the housing, the transportation, the budgeting and life management skills – all of the ingredients they need to survive – when childhood has done so little to prepare them.

Together, we can ease their way. Will you walk alongside as they take their first steps into independence?

Will you send them off prepared to stand on their own? Click here to help!

Double your impact – the first $15,000 is matched!

$50 ESSENTIALS = pots and pans, linens, or bedding

$100 WARDROBE = clothes for Interviews and work

$250 FURNITURE = bed, dresser, desk, sofa, or chairs

$500 HOUSING = deposit on an apartment

$1,000 TRANSPORTATION = down payment on a car

$5,000 EDUCATION = 4 semesters at community college