CANCELED: Wilmington’s Epicurean Evening

One of the true highlights of our year is Wilmington’s Epicurean Evening. For one night, the community comes together to celebrate the finest foods and beverages available in Wilmington – and it is spectacular. Chefs from signature restaurants are there, showing off their skills and dazzling the crowd. Vintners and brew masters come with an array of offerings. And there, in the midst of the best of the best, we tell our story.

Epicurean Evening is also a major fundraiser for us. The first one was held in 2006, and last year cumulative donations hit the million dollar mark. We were excited to return to Wilmington and add this year’s total to that amount. But hurricanes are unstoppable and their damage long-lasting.

We are sad to announce that our 2018 Epicurean Evening will be canceled this year.

We are grateful for the friendship and support we have received from the Wilmington community and look forward to hosting Epicurean Evening again on Thursday August 29, 2019.

• Wilmington’s Epicurean Evening

Set in an elegant riverside ballroom, with a gourmet theme and a winning cause, Wilmington’s Epicurean Evening is one of the year’s most anticipated charitable events.

500 guests return each year for spectacular food and entertainment.
447 children have been helped so far by Epicurean Evening supporters.
30 featured epicureans serve up their best dishes, desserts and drinks.
23 awards are given for outstanding taste and presentation.
2 auctions, silent and live, keep the event exciting and festive.

It all adds up to 1 amazing evening.