The child I can’t forget: Sarah

Sarah is one of our family preservation specialists

“The connections we make are so powerful and positive. I remember this little boy I worked with last year.

“He was a first grader and he was classified as nonverbal. But even though he couldn’t have a conversation with us he was so intelligent. He had some delays, both physically and cognitively, but if you gave him a phone or a tablet, he could type out what he wanted to say and he could express his emotions so well.

His family was in the reunification process, so he was living with a relative. And when I would take him to visit his mom, it was so neat – he would get so excited. You know, his mom was always the best part of his day. The family is back together now. I ran into his mom last week and she gave me a big hug and said, ‘Oh! We have to get you back together with the little boy. He can’t wait to see you and we’re all so happy now.’ “

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