Methodist Home for Children has a strong community of “brothers and sisters” who lived together on campus after the first building opened in 1901. Children stopped living on the property after a 1979 decision to sell the land and expand into community-based programs. Since then, the children have lived in group homes or foster homes.

The campus alumni return for reunions each year at MHC headquarters, still located on a portion of the original orphanage property, and they share their memories in Spotlight magazine.

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Give Joseph some encouragement! Use the Leave a Reply field, below. Before he had ever ridden in a plane, he knew. He’d watch them fly overhead and feel a thrill all the way through his bones. When he grew up, he decided, he was going to be a pilot. He was going to fly. But life is bumpy. While he was still a teen, Joseph found himself in our care. Parts of him were broken, dreams cast aside, a future … read more

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Foster & Adopt

Wake and Pitt counties | Are you interested in fostering or adopting? We have information sessions to answer your questions about fostering and adopting through Methodist Home for Children. RSVP is required: Call 888.305.4321, ext.6, or email On the agenda: •  What it means to be a foster parent. •  What the training & licensing process is all about. •  What types of children are referred to our foster care / adoption program. •  Dates for our next MAPP … read more