It’s baby goat season –


And we have a few reasons to love goats! They are intelligent, social, curious creatures. They are funny (see baby goats in pajamas). They don’t judge. They’re a lot like dogs – they’ll learn to come when you call their name, and they’ll climb all over you (see goat yoga).

Goats *also* make great therapeutic companion animals – and they’re coming soon to our newest transitional living home for boys, called the Farm.

“We’re going to get collars and leashes for them and teach them to walk,” says Deanna Hoffman, program manager at the Farm. “And we’re going to give them baths!”

Goats are a natural fit for the Farm, which opened last fall. Like our other transitional living homes, the Farm focuses on education and independence – *plus* a unique experience in living. The teens will plant, tend, harvest, and sell the produce they grow at a local farmers’ market – a process that inspires strong work ethic, independence, and even business planning.

The goat project has been a practice in planning, now almost realized:

  • the goat house is built
  • the fence is almost installed
  • the food and care are planned

Delivery of baby goats is expected this spring. No kidding.

You herd it here first.