In-Home Programs

In-home counselors coach court-involved youth and their families and equip them with skills for conflict management, impulse control, education, and employment. These teens are referred to our programs by juvenile court counselors.

Called WORK4IT, this is a four- to six-month program that helps at-risk teens learn independent living skills, get on track at school, and work toward career goals. We serve boys and girls, teaching job skills and placing them in paid work assignments with partner businesses.

As an alternative to Youth Development Centers, this program provides up to four months of in-home counseling to repeat juvenile offenders and their parents to help reduce family conflict and get them back into school and work.

This program provides up to six months of in-home counseling for boys and girls who are returning to their home and school after a period of confinement at a Youth Development Center or group home. We help with education / vocational programs and equip the family with conflict management and parenting skills.

This program helps at-risk youth and their families end unproductive patterns of interaction and build the skills they need to prevent an out-of-home placement. We also connect them with community resources that can assist in areas of need.

Methodist Home for Children works in partnership with the NC Department of Public Safety and local Juvenile Crime Prevention Councils