Life is a Feast

And the possibilities are delicious

Try to stump him. We did – it went like this:

Pan-seared salmon with lemon butter sauce?
   I can make that.

Soy citrus scallops with soba?
   I can make that.

How about classic popovers with a light cheese filling?
   [laughing] I can make that, too

Spend an hour with Ja-Sun and the first thing you notice is his smile and the joy that seems to come from deep within. The next thing you notice is he is capable of a lot – and the only person that surprises is himself.

His most recent accomplishments include graduating from a culinary program, completing an internship at a trending, fine dining restaurant, and finding a job – almost at once – in a kitchen. Oh, and he also graduated from high school.

High school.

Yes, Ja-Sun is that young. And he has just discovered life is full of possibilities.

A year ago, Ja-Sun’s primary goal – his only goal, really – was completing high school. Culinary school wasn’t on the list. “I never dreamed I could be a chef,” he says. “I never even knew to dream about it.” That changed the minute he starting cooking. He was a natural, eager to learn and practice new techniques; techniques, such as knife skills, which he mastered. “No cuts,” he says, holding up his hands.

No cuts – no knife cuts, no short cuts. This has been a year of hard work and discovery for Ja-Sun and he is eager to do more, see more, and learn more. As he leaves our care he does so with a new goal – become a chef who travels the world, learning authentically about foods from other cultures and countries. We believe he’ll do it. The world is his Oyster Motoyaki.