Marc Ridel Creative

Kendra will tell you life is good.

She has a lot to love:

Kayaking at Girl Scout camp.
Dance classes.
Birthday beach week – with a nice cheesecake.
Her adoptive mom, Ellen, and their “tribe” of church friends, family, neighbors.
And Gracie, the dog.

Actually, Gracie was first. Kendra will tell you that too.

Gracie was Ellen’s dog back then – in December 2019, when Kendra moved in. It was a tough time because Kendra was hurting. Changing homes can be miserable, and Kendra hates change.

But loving Gracie – that was easy. It was something Kendra and Ellen had in common, even before they knew each other.

Loving Gracie was a sweet place to start the hard work of becoming a family