Summertime. It’s that magical time of year when the pressure is off, and a kid can be a kid. It’s a chance to relax, explore, learn – and create happy memories that last.

But what if your summer is a stretch of empty days, confined indoors?

Children come to us having never experienced the joy of a summer adventure. They’ve never been on a trip. They’re never been to camp. They have not seen the ocean, much less learned to sail. They’re never ridden a horse or learned to fish.

Together, we can give these children a summer to remember. Click here to help!

$50 SUMMER COOL-OFF = ice cream party or boat ride at the lake
$100 SUMMER STAPLES = swim lessons, art lessons, or day camp
$250 SUMMER DASH = church camp, sports camp, or DC day trip
$500 SUMMER GETAWAY = baseball game & pizza night for a group home
$1,000 SUMMER TRADITION = one week at sleep-away camp