The 10-year-old is inconsolable when he comes to us.

He hides behind his grandmother on the sofa as she sits to fill out paperwork. He cries and wails. He throws up his breakfast.

It is heart-wrenching to see a child like this, on the worst day of his life. Vince believes he is utterly alone.

What he can’t see – yet – is this:

He is not alone, and his day could have been worse.
So much worse.

Because Vince is a gullible 4th grader left to his own. His mother is not in his life, nor his father. He lives with an elderly relative who cannot parent or protect him. Someone saw that vulnerability and preyed on it – grooming Vince to steal things like electronics and cash, making him feel important.

Someone used him.
Together, we will fight back for him.

With your help – Vince will get what he needs. He needs to be looked after and protected. He needs to be challenged and held accountable. He needs a new chance to be a kid, to go to school, ride bikes, play a sport, and make real friends.