Take a minute – Take a look

These are faces of the future

Demont wants to run his own cybersecurity business. Caden wants to be a middle school math teacher, like the one who inspired him. His sister Kylie is still exploring. Nicholas found his niche in biophysics research – he presented at two academic conferences this year! – and he wants to be a scientist. Luke wants to be a therapist. Devin and Nasir are learning to operate forklifts. Brooklyn wants to be a wild bird rehabilitator. Owen wants to be an HVAC technician. Michael wants to be a computer programmer. Bengie, a med tech, wants to be a supervisor.

These are *our* students – 11 of 19 who are working toward their higher education goals with mentoring and financial support from our Hackley Education and Learning Program.

They are bright, motivated – and beyond thankful for the opportunity. Your gifts are at work in their lives. Thank you for being the heart of all we do.