Paid Holidays: MHC gives full-time employees paid holidays each year.

Vacation Leave: Employees receive generous paid vacation time.

Sick Leave: Employees receive generous sick leave.

Health and Dental Benefits: MHC offers PPO insurance plans. It includes dental benefits, individual and family coverage options, and prescription cards.

Life Insurance: We provide term life insurance. Supplemental life insurance is available for individual or family coverage.

Workers’ Compensation: This agency-paid benefit covers on-the-job injury.

403B Plan: Employees can contribute to a tax-deferred annuity plan; MHC matches a portion of the contributed funds.

Flexible Spending Plan: MHC provides an optional salary deduction that allows employees to use pre-tax dollars to pay for non-covered medical, dental, vision, or child care expenses.

Access to Credit Union Membership: A number of services are available through credit union membership.

Employee Assistance Program: This agency-paid benefit provides easy access to confidential, professional counseling for employees and their families.

Longevity-Based Sabbatical Program: MHC rewards employees who remain with the agency with time off to renew themselves.

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