Full of Joy

Love and hope make a home

It’s parent-teacher conference night and one sophomore is excitedly greeting each teacher with: I want you to meet my mom and dad!

Mom and dad.

She had never had parents attend a school conference before, and Macy wanted everyone to meet them.

Teresa and Tom officially became Macy’s parents last year – but they have known her since she was born. Teresa was Macy’s fun aunt and Tom, the uncle who made her laugh with corny jokes. Their house was one Macy visited for cousin sleepovers and holidays. And when Macy needed a safe place to go, Teresa and Tom stepped in offering first a temporary haven, then adoption into their family of seven.

It’s hard to define precisely what makes a family. For Macy, it’s the little things. Parent-teacher conferences, long talks in the car. It’s Macy asking Teresa if she needs help making dinner. It’s Tom sharing his love of art and painting. It’s caring for the family pets – two cats, one dog, a rabbit, and a teddy bear hamster named Comet. It’s folding clothes together and going to church.

It’s family life. Blessedly normal and full of joy.