Aspiring and Inspiring

One day Kirsten will teach 4th graders the difference between polygons, pentagons, and quadrilaterals; the basics of mass and matter.

She’ll help them conquer multidigit multiplication, two-step math word problems, and fractions.

She’ll guide them through maps and scale, poetry, idioms, geography, and history.

Becoming a teacher is her dream and we believe she will change the world.

Share your encouragement with her in the section below.

8 comment on “Aspiring and Inspiring

  1. Cheryl Oliver

    CONGRATULATIONS KIRSTEN! Wishing you continued success in the years to come.

  2. Mark W. Clark

    Kirsten, continue to strive to be the best and do the best you can when you become a teacher. I am confident you will achieve your goal.

  3. Pauline Rogers

    Know that everything happens for a reason. Nothing is in vain. You can achieve whatsoever your mind can perceive. NEVER give up and NEVER take no for an answer. Take care young lady.

  4. Marilyn Boyce

    Congratulations, Kirsten! How exciting that you want to teach fourth grade. With your energy, love of children, and desire to make the world better for others, you’ll be a wonderful teacher and mentor for those children in your care. I’m so proud of you, and my prayer for you is that your dream to teach will come true and that you’ll use all the gifts God has given you to be His heart in the world…..

  5. Jennifer

    Congratulations, Kirsten! Your heart clearly has a beautiful plan for your future. Your mind will get you there and your community will sustain you there!!

  6. Mary M Jones

    Hello Kiirsren,
    Congratulations on graduating from High School. May God continue to fill your cup.
    With much love.

    Mary Moore Jones
    Durham, North Carolina

  7. Chinonso Amadi


  8. Regina Hawse

    Congratulations!! We are all very proud of your accomplishments and know they will take you far! Continue using the 23rd Psalm as your guide, and your cup will continue to overflow. God Speed in your quest to become a teacher.

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