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This is your life

Three weeks ago, he helped clear the land. It was his first time on a job site, but he came ready to learn.

“He’s like a sponge,” the foreman tells us. “He absorbs everything. And he wants to learn how to do things the right way. If he was 18, I’d offer him a job right now. That’s how good he is.”

Taisean still has a couple of years before he’s 18, so there’s time to decide if construction is in his future. Right now his focus is on completing high school, earning money at a part-time job, and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity.

“I’ve learned a lot about myself this year,” he says. “I’ve learned I can do this [construction] and I’ve learned I can be part of a team. When people meet me, I hope they can see that I’m a hard worker.”

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  1. Sue

    Taisen, what wonderful opportunities you have to discover your God-given talents, skills, and interests. No matter your path, continue to do your best as you have already shown and believe that all things are possible. Prayers support your faith and career journey.

  2. Jesse Chappell

    Taisean, the article about you is inspiring! From my experience, after trusting the Lord, the next most important ingredient to success is just working hard. I am confident you can achieve great things through faith in the Lord, confidence in yourself, and putting forward your best effort. Keep it up and you will go far!

  3. Olivia W Pierce

    Taisean, you are an awesome young man. I will soon be volunteering for Habitat for Humanity as part of a women’s build day. Like you, I also look forward to saying, “I helped build that”. Keep your positive attitude!

  4. Ed

    So happy to hear of your giving heart through your work with Habitat for Humanity. I too have driven by the houses, I’ve had a small part in completing, and it is a wonderful feeling seeing the families enjoy their new homes. God has big plans for you! May you continue to serve and the Lord will lead you in fulfilling His dream for your life. Praying for you!

  5. Laura

    Taisean, so impressed by your work ethic and positive attitude! I hope your school year is going well. You have persevered through so much. Stay with it Your goals are in sight!

  6. Jean Williams

    Taisean, You should be proud of what you are accomplishing. You are an inspiration.

  7. Miranda Harmon

    That awesome attitude and being a hard worker is unbeatable. Keep striving to learn more about yourself, being part of a team, and helping others. Great job!!

  8. Britt

    How great! It sounds like you’ve put yourself on a good path. Stay the course, strive to pursue your passions, and you will find success!

  9. Tom Riggins

    I read about your interest and skills in the construction world and I share your desire to build and leave some “good” around. AM sure you can capitalize on this in the future–praying that God will lead you in the near and far future…. Best to you , Tom

  10. Rhonda

    So proud of what you are accomplishing. Trust the Lord to continue to become the person you want to be. You will go far. God bless.

  11. Allana Minnick

    What an awesome young man you are Taisean! Keep dreaming big!

  12. Dan Collins

    Taisean….man, it is awesome to see how much you care about working hard and doing the best job you can do. That passion of yours comes from your heart and will always allow you to do great things through whatever you choose to pursue in life….whether it be as a Construction Manager or the President of the United States. Stay true to your heart and you will be a huge success!!!!!!!

  13. Jeannie Norris

    Taisean! So proud of you

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