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When I look at you, I see I have a family to go to whenever.
When I hold you, I feel that I am safe and I don’t have to worry if I can eat or sleep that day.
When I smell you, I smell the cupcakes we were eating that day at the celebration of our adoption.
When I first saw you I knew that it was finally true.

When I think about you, I think of all the years that I felt sad but now that I have you I’m happier.
When I imagine my life without you, I picture a place I would feel unsafe.
When I hear others say you are a ring*, I say you are way more to me.
When others see you they think of you as jewelry, I think [of] you as new mom.

When I feel cold on my skin you remind me that I don’t have to worry.
When others say I’m the girl that was in foster care and then adopted, you say I’m that girl that is safe now.

*On the day of her adoption, Kayden was gifted a ring by her new mother, Tina

5 comment on “Kaydin

  1. Hawse Regina

    Hi Kaydin!
    Your beautiful words made me so happy. I’m happy that you have found your safe place and that you will never have to worry about eating, sleeping, or if you’re safe. Bless your heart for having the courage and confidence to put your feelings down on paper. You are one blessed young lady. Give your Mom a hug from all of us at Methodist Home for Children. You are why we come to work each day!

  2. Margie Schroeder

    You have been so strong on your own for so long. Please cherish this time now when God’s love and your new Moms love envelop you. Concentrate on becoming the best person you can be so that never again do you have to worry about where you will sleep or if you will eat. The best has just begun ❤.

  3. Michelle Kennedy

    I’m so proud of you Kaydin! MHC will always be here for you. I know you will do great things one day!

  4. Peggy Efird

    Congratulations on your adoption and graduation. I know God has put you with the perfect family He planned for you.
    Enjoy all the blessings that will be coming your way. Family is so important……you are a fortunate young lady to now have
    one. God bless you with a wonderful life!

  5. Patricia Shackleton

    Kaydin, Your poem is wonderful and I am so glad that you are in a safe, loving home with your new Mom! All the best for a bright future! 🙂

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