Ken Perry Honored

Ken Perry, vice president of operations at Methodist Home for Children, received the Montrose Wolf award – the highest honor given by the international Teaching-Family Association – for his distinguished contributions to the Teaching-Family Model. MHC uses the model in its foster care, juvenile justice, and in-home programs to provide humane and individualized care that prioritizes therapeutic relationships with caregivers in supportive, family-style settings.

The award recognizes Perry as a leader, mentor, innovator, and role model for his work within the Teaching-Family Association. He was hired at Methodist Home for Children as an alternate teaching parent in 1982 and moved to other roles before joining the MHC leadership team – working as intake specialist, consultant, evaluator, trainer, and coordinator of intake and after-care. Along the way, he developed a passion for the Teaching Family Model that positioned him to help other agencies achieve TFA accreditation. As a TFA site coordinator and developer, Perry has indirectly served children and families in seven states beyond North Carolina – Wisconsin, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, New York, and South Carolina – by helping programs implement and become accredited in the Teaching-Family Model.

Perry is a 33-year-employee of MHC, and he continues to mentor young people through the agency’s Hackley Education & Learning Program.

4 comment on “Ken Perry Honored

  1. Raymond U Martinique

    Congratulations, old friend!! Your leadership is inspiring!

  2. Ken Maxwell

    Well done Ken! Congratulations on a well-deserved award.

  3. Mara Hamme

    What a marvelous achievement Ken! Congratulations on your Montrose Wolf Award.

  4. Linda Buie

    Congratulations Ken!

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