We Change Lives

At Methodist Home for Children, we work to provide safe, stable homes where children can thrive and live fully into their God-given potential. While not always traditional or biological, an MHC home is where child and family are equipped to succeed. It may be a group home that helps juvenile offenders transition to healthy, independent living or a foster home that shelters a child while his family is stabilized. Whatever form it takes, the end goal is always the same—a safe, stable home.

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What’s Happening

DL’s Story: A Life Transformed

Lives are being changed every day through our transitional living programs. Witnessing this growth is the most fulfilling part of our work, and today … More >

The Hope of Foster Care

Our President/CEO Bruce Stanley shared this story of a child, recently admitted to MHC, during a service at one of our church partners: The girl is … More >

Report Affirms Jordan Center Model

  In a new report, The Poverty and Race Research Action Council describes troubling racial, ethnic and economic disparities in preschool … More >

The Story of Luke: Parents’ Handling of Divorce has Long-Term Effects

By: Julie Stone, LCSW Luke was 14 years old when I worked with him and his family. He had recently been suspended from school for fighting, and his … More >

Fashioned for Community

Another Friday musing from MHC President/CEO Bruce Stanley: Last summer, my neighbor took down four pine trees that routinely filled my gutters … More >

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