Lessons in love

“If one person is inspired to offer and/or accept unconditional love, then our job has been done.” – Barry Fetzer, above left, with his brother Bruce

I love you all the time!
When their three kids were little, Barry Fetzer and his wife, Arlene, always read to them at bedtime. Then Barry would make up a rhyme about how much they were loved:

“I’d say, ‘I love you here to there’ –
and I’d touch the top of their head, then down to their toes.
And then, ‘I love you east to west. I love you the best.’ ”

It went on for years, Barry rhyming for his kids. But once they were adults, he wanted them to remember. So he started to jot down verses from their childhoods, sending one at time to his brother Bruce, who would illustrate and send them back.

Back and forth they went for years – from Barry in Swansboro to Bruce in Albuquerque. Until they had a book: I love you all the time!

We are grateful to be the beneficiary of their book sales. Barry and Arlene first supported Methodist Home for Children through their church, Swansboro UMC, more than 20 years ago!

Visit the Fetzer brothers at pinkapplesauce.com to order books and learn about the Thanksgiving Day treat that inspired their domain name. You can also order through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, and Books-A-Million.

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