An 18-year-old stood on the sidewalk outside her family’s new home –
       And she cried.

She cried because her mom and siblings have a place to live –
       No more homeless shelters and random hotel rooms.

She cried because her 4-year-old brother has childcare (on scholarship, with us!) –
       And that helped her mom find a better-paying job.

She cried because of the kindness extended by people they know –
       And people they may never know (that’s you). 

You haven’t met this family, but you helped –
You helped when nothing else was going their way.

You helped when they least expected it –
       Because they didn’t know what to expect. It hadn’t always been this way.

Homelessness happened so fast. Their father canceled the lease on their home, then walked away. An accident wrecked their car. Childcare and transportation costs ate up their mom’s paycheck; little was left for housing and groceries.

And while these are adult problems to solve, it’s always the children who end up getting hurt.

Thankfully, in this case, the hurt was met with kindness. Someone cared enough to help. And one teenager was grateful to the point of tears.

Thanksgiving this year will have new meaning for her family.

Thank you for lifting them back to their feet.

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