A Place in My Heart

Tyler won first place (10th grade) for his poem in the Everyday Heroes art competition sponsored by the Onslow Commission for Persons with Disabilities and the city of Jacksonville.

Check out his poem and leave a comment for him in the field below.

I knew a boy who wasn’t shy.
His name is Anthony Smith.
He was a talented guy.
He was a great person to be friends with.

He had Asperger’s and followed few rules.
He wanted to throw his work away.
Although he used his coping tools.
One of his tools was to pray.

He had a hard time in school.
He could not read or write.
We both found school not cool.
in my heart, I believed he was very bright.

He was always nice and clean.
He corrected me on a lot of test.
It was my brightness he had seen.
He truly always was the best.

He always motivated me to do my best.
He was always polite.
I always think about him before I rest.
He taught me wrong from right.

Anthony was an inspiring friend.
He taught me how to be more giving.
He lived close to my house, just around the bend.
I will always respect him, although he’s not living.


2 comment on “A Place in My Heart

  1. Stephanie Porter

    Great job Tyler!

  2. Jane Spicer

    Wow, Tyler, i feel like i know Anthony too! Keep up with your writing, it ia a great way to express yourself and you are good at it!

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