Little King

Trish and Kyle King asked the question:
“Should we let Eli move to a new foster home – a home with a family that’s been waiting to adopt?”

Their daughter, 16-year-old Caroline, fired back:
“Why is this even a question?”

It was 2016, and 3-year-old Eli had lived with the King family in foster care for about five months. Social services had been working on a reunification plan with his mother, but it wasn’t panning out. Eli likely would be placed for adoption.

Trish and Kyle had four children of their own – Caroline and three boys, ages 11 to 14 – and no intention of adopting, at least not when they started fostering. Their plan was to help school-aged children with a safe, temporary home when they needed it. Trish worked in a middle school and saw the need; adopting would close their home to that need.

But there was Eli. Full of personality – smart, creative, funny.

Grieving losses he couldn’t understand – raging at first, breaking cellphones, dishes, coffee tables.

Loved – so quickly and unconditionally by the entire family that Caroline was right. The question was decided before it was asked.

He belonged with them.

Today, Eli is Trish and Kyle’s youngest child – a joyful 5-year-old, adopted brother of Caroline, 19; Nick, 17; Alex, 14; and Zack, 13.

Officially a King. Their “little king.”

We have family photos at mhfc.org/little-king

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