On the eve of becoming an adult, Jamie shares 21 reflections about his life.

From the moment we met, Jamie has been part of our family. He was a teen then, wanting little more than to be in a good home, even a foster home. We had one for him and he grew up with Ms. Beverly’s family. Today, Jamie is living on his own, preparing for a day that is fast approaching – his 21st birthday.

1  College is harder than I expected.

2  I still call Ms. Beverly at least once a week.

3  Living alone is fine, but I am kind of lonely.

4  Some friends are seasonal and some are forever.

5  Making new friends means figuring out if they’re going to be there for you.

6  Ms. Cheryl is my mentor at MHC and she’s awesome.

7  When I think about the past it’s always been about what everyone did to me. Recently I’ve thought, “Maybe it wasn’t all their fault; maybe it wasn’t all my fault. It was a mixed group effort.”

8  Lying is one of those things that, if you do it, people just look at you differently.

9  My morality consists of loyalty, friendship, respect, honesty, and compassion.

10 I can be gullible. That’s my biggest flaw.

11 I thought college was for everybody, but it’s not.

12 I almost got arrested once and the hardest part was realizing I had disrespected people I love.

13 I think a lot about my life – how it could have been vs. how it is. I’m writing a book of poetry about these thoughts.

14 I can’t live on a path of destruction and anxiety and anger. I have to let the past go.

15 I’ve decided to think of my past more as a blessing than a curse.

16 Whatever my job ends up being, I want to make a positive difference in the community.

17 The best part about college? Making new friends.

18 It’s important to look at people for what they are instead of what they aren’t.

19 I’ve always been a people person. I try to get on the best side of everyone I can.

20 When you’re a kid, all you want is to be grown up. Now that it’s here, it’s really kind of terrifying.

21 The best part of turning 21? I’m alive and doing well.

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