The child I can’t forget: Melissa

Melissa is one of our foster care licensing specialists

“She was 7 years old when I first met her. She came into our [foster] care for sexual abuse – it was the mom’s boyfriend. At first the mom struggled to accept her daughter’s stories and only later came to realize they were true. Once she knew that, she left him and started working really hard for her family.

“But in the meantime, there was this little girl who had lots of trauma. Just had a lot going on in her little heart and soul. We were able to find a great foster mom for her who had endless amounts of patience. And eventually the girl was able to go home with her mom and they moved up north. Her foster mom says she still hears from them every now and then and they’re doing good.

“I think about this girl a lot – she was very spirited. She was like a little light.”

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