Welcome to the Curtis Center

Some toddle, some skip, some come wrapped in soft blankets. They are full of curiosity; every day is new. As they discover the wonder of the world, we see in them the wonder of the soul.

Only 2,000 days separate a child’s birth and the first day of kindergarten and these are, perhaps, the most important days in a child’s life. Being actively engaged in a high-quality early childhood program increases the child’s potential to graduate from high school and live a healthier life.

And so we teach.

This summer, with partner DHIC, we opened the Barbara H. Curtis Center in Raleigh’s historic Washington Terrace neighborhood. It follows the successful model of the Jordan Center (which we opened in 2001) blending children who have a range of abilities, needs, ethnicities, and income levels.

Children attending the Curtis Center discover colors, textures, and numbers. They run and play, stretching their legs and imaginations. They make new friends and learn what it means to be kind and inclusive. And through every second of every day they are wrapped in our love and care.

We believe that within each of these children is the fate of our future and watching them grow and develop fills us with hope.

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  1. Mara (Bearden) Hamme

    Thank you for sharing your photos of Malachi and the other pre-school and daycare students. Your Barbara H. Curtis Center had grown a lot and your photos show that. Congratulations!

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