10 reasons to foster

CLICK HERE to watch Kevin and Susan read their list … with a little help from Jamie and Alexis

#10 Love is not a finite resource. We all have plenty to go around.

#9 A preschooler rolling her eyes at a teenager is both hilarious and character-building!

#8 The network of foster families in Pitt County and Eastern North Carolina is wonderful – they have challenged us to be better people.

#7 Some things are easier the 4th and 5th time around (and some things are not)

#6 You get a front-seat view into the lives of social workers, foster care workers, guardians ad litem, lawyers, and judges who work tirelessly for the safety and security of all children. It is hard to imagine more selfless, challenging, yet rewarding jobs.

#5 Littles make Christmas really fun!

#4 You’ll become more grateful.

#3 Preschoolers are excellent birth control (especially for teens).

#2 The blessings you receive will far exceed the effort you give.

#1 Sleep is overrated.

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